The Fund benefits from a dynamic process that narrows down the broader universe of stocks to those deemed both LGBT friendly and financially attractive, using the LGBT Diversity Fund’s unique 3 Part Active Management process. The universe of stocks is totally flexible and under constant review as LGBT policies and economic fundamentals may change over time.

The portfolio created is diversified using metrics which show where we are in both the economic and industry cycles. We assess and seek to avoid identified risks where possible.

The benefits of an active approach mean we can continuously tailor the Fund to provide the best performance in most market conditions. We can also adjust the constituents of the portfolio depending on how our communication and ongoing dialogue with the companies in our universe affects our evaluation of their stance on LGBT Diversity.

The Fund offers an SRI approach that provides exposure to stocks offering diversity and LGBT friendly policies. The Fund aims to achieve outperformance of our comparative index.

Portfolio Construction

3 Part Active Management Process

LGBT Fund Portfolio Construction